Micronutrients based on a blood test and tailored to you.

Tailor-made supplements based on your blood test results and lifestyle. The future of nutrition has arrived.

Vitamins and Minerals tailor-made for you

How it works





Analyse your current health status and track your nutrient status. 

The questionnaire helps us to consider your individual preferences, goals as well as diseases, medications and allergies. 

You receive 100% personalised vitamins that are exclusively manufactured for you - based on your blood and questionnaire data. You also gain access to personalized diet recommendations. 

With LOEWI you can transparently check, whether your body is absorbing the nutrients and your blood data is improving.

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The most comprehensive personalisation in the industry

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all and welcome to the most comprehensive concept for personalized vitamins. With bioniq you get exactly what your body needs – no more no less.

Prof. Dr. med. Johannes  Scherr explains why personalization is the key to better health.

100% transparent -
We show you that it works

Instead of trusting that your pills and vitamins are working, bioniq objectively tracks whether your health data improves or not – 100% transparent and scientifically validated. 

Alles was du benötigst -
in einem Löffel

Einzelne Vitaminpillen, Mineraltabletten und Pulver können mit einem Löffel bioniq ersetzt werden. Bioniq ist der einfachste Weg deine Gesundheit zu unterstützen. 

Dr. Silvia Kolossa erklärt wie bioniq über 30 einzelne Präparate ersetzt.

As unique as yourself

Every single formulation is unique. Each vitamin box is 100% tailor-made according to your personal blood work and questionnaire data. Your personalised supplements are manufactured in Switzerland and packaged in a certified pharmacy to guarantee highest quality standards.

Always at hand!

Our partners

Our strategic partnerships allow us to offer available innovations in regards to monitoring your health and providing personalised solutions. 

Vitamins that actually work!

of bioniq customers improve their blood data within the first three months!

Free consultation

Book a free consultation with one of our nutrition experts now and find out how bioniq can help you achieve your goals.

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Rooted in science

bioniq is a research-based health support system, driven by world-leading data

bioniq opened its headquarters in London in 2019. Currently, bioniq operates in the UK, UAE, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Our database allows us to analyse and monitor our customers’ health status and offer smart solutions for health optimisation
To make health accessible, actionable and personalised
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Aktuelle Studie zu Covid-19

Dr. Silvia Kolossa erläutert die aktuellste Studie mit der TU München und der Universität Turin zum Thema Covid-19.

Dr. Silvia Kolossa erläutert LOEWIs aktuelle Studie zum Thema Covid-19.

bioniq PRO

Vitamins and minerals tailored to you, in one box, 100% personalised. 

bioniq PRO TEST

Analyse your nutrient status from the comfort of your home and find out about your nutrient deficiencies.