About bioniq

bioniq is a research-based health support system, driven by world-leading data

bioniq opened its headquarters in London in 2019. Currently, BIONIQ operates in the UK, UAE, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Our database allows us to analyse and monitor our customers’ health status and offer smart solutions for health optimisation

these values drive us


Every person is unique – our company is based on that principle and the daily actions of every employee are based on it.


The focus is always on the health of the individual – this applies to all patients, customers, partners and employees of bioniq.


An evidence-based approach based on the current study situation is a basic requirement for bioniq products and services. 


The combination of science and technology is applied responsibly and always serves the benefit of customers and patients. 


Do you want to take part in shaping the future of personalised nutrition and health? Contact us today and become a part of the bioniq family.




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